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Florist Store, Small Business Idea

In this world, Flowers are life in the daily of people’s lives. Their beauty and color allows people to convey their messages get-well soon for their friends or family, flower could be a congratulatory messages to a newly promoted colleague, condolences to a grieving family, and to express our love to another person. Every occasion is celebrated with flowers, or with no occasion, even people buy flowers just for their them selves.
If you love flowers and have innate artistic ability in creating wonderful floral arrangements, This could be an opportunity for you to provide many need of people for flower. you may consider starting a florist shop. You may provide the wedding party with all its floral needs, including consultation, design, delivery, setup and breakdown of floral bouquets and arrangements at the event. You can earn high enough money from this business, but the income of a florist business depends on local need, competition, skills, and oftentimes, the location. A website estimated that an established florist operating full time from a good location -without employees- can sell about $100,000 to $150,000 in floral services annually, of course this require a developed business, developed a target market, and has in place all your equipment and supplies.  
Once you decide, you will in part-time while learning floral design and gradually build your operation and portfolio, and your daily you will meting the needs of the client, securing agreements with suppliers, juggling multiple events and so on.

There are many thing required to start this business. You would need a business license, a supplier or access to a flower market, flower-arranging supplies and refrigeration. Business cards, website, calendar, phone, transportation and a list of resources and contacts are also necessary.
In florist business, you will meet it more than just selling flowers, you will what selling is a service of providing skillfully-arranged flowers and so on,  and the one key to gain success in this business, you would need to have all the elements in the process of providing a service: knowledge, materials and labor.
From the first step, you will determine what type of floral business exactly, that will influence what kind of florist you will sell, since this allows them to serve customers and complete floral arrangements.
Educate yourself, that will help full your knowing about different type of flower, ability in arranging and sell skill. Hire staff if it required, for a professional work, in a part is sometimes need a staff to help you run your business, but that depending upon the size your business.
One thing influence your business growing is location. A wholesale business generally does better in locations with lots of growing space, a retail florist business should be located in a high traffic area that allows customers easy access to the store. Your shop must be situated in an area conveniently located for your customers. The location you choose must have sufficient drive-by and walk-by traffic. Check your budget, and try to find the best possible location that you can afford. If you use your home as your place of business, it must be in a well-traveled street in an area nearby retail businesses. At the start, you may decide to run your florist business from home, with you doing the entire process of designing, selling, delivering and ordering new supplies.
Purchase the necessary equipment and supplies. A retail business requires a cooler to keep cut flowers from wilting too fast, you should determine what you need in advance and budget accordingly.
Register your business to local authority. Most states and cities require you to register your business, account for sales tax and more.
Your business will never known well if you don’t advertise it. After you have everything and ready to go, do market and advertise your business, that will influence your business growing, build a good image to make customer interest to your store.

However, when you decide to run this business, you must have basic knowledge and an extensive knowledge of soils, plant nutrition, and light and temperature control will really required. You should also creative and artistic flair to come up with innovative flower arrangements. Both formal or informal education in floriculture is helpful, or you can try to gain experience in the business by working in another floral shop before you deciding to open your own.
In other side, a solid understanding of business and economics is needed, because flower business is more than arranging flowers. you will meet buying, selling, record keeping, planning profits, managing costs, marketing and attracting customers. This business require you to balance both the creative side of the florist business with the business management side.
In the business, selling is art, you must know how to deal with customers. You will be facing the public all the time, that require pleasant personality must. so it is imperative that you know how to cultivate customer relationships.

If you are on a limited budget, you can start small, working from home and then grow your business, moving a larger location in the future, choose a name for your company and Register your business and if you plan to operate your flower shop business out of your home, check with your local government office about zoning ordinances and possible land use restrictions. If necessery, set up a business bank account, sparate your personal finance and and your business finance. Purchase floral inventory needed, including floral design tools, packaging materials, office supplies, computer equipment and a van or other vehicle for deliveries (if necessary). Provide your business phone number and email, place all important information to your business card, your customer will easy to access your store, and build your website, you will get more benefit with it, your customer will be more wide without limited by geographic, and you can offer and sell your product via internet.

There are no more effective way to make people know about your business without an advertisement.  This require your skill and creativity to build a good image about your store. Invite smoothly customer to come to your store. Create a professional-quality marketing materials like brochures, newsletters and business cards, those you can create without a high paying, even you can make it by yourself. Do the best you can do provide people many information about your business. Other way, you can design company presentations for clients that help you make more sales. And the other cheap advertisement is newspaper, local radio, etc.Web site could be a good way to convey everything about your business.
If you can operate your business well and your business in good growing, you can start to think expand your business. There are several kinds business you can choose as your second business, but before you decide it, please remember that the bad planning in business (even in the second business) will effect for all of your business, so before you are really do it, ensure that you take the lowest risk.
Beside your florist business, you can start to combine your first business with arranging flower as your second business, you can operate both business well if you have good plan in it. You can combine both business because there are some similar in both business. If you success in both business, you will earn more money in your daily.

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