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Cookie Business, small business idea

Before you start a cookie business, make sure you have a desirable product that will be able to compete with both the giant cookie companies and the people who just like to bake their cookies at home. Pick a specific niche market rather than trying to appeal to everyone. If you can stand out from your competition, you can do well in the cookie business.
The permits and licenses you'll need will depend on where your business operates and what type of food products you are selling. Each state has its own requirements. Your kitchen will be required to pass an inspection by the Board of Health. Upon approval, they will license you. You may also be required to maintain a standard recipe for product labeling purposes.
Quincella Geiger has operated her own baking business from home for 20 years. What started as a hobby turned into a serious income-producing full-time baking business, also including gourmet gifts.
Quincella has put together a very user-friendly guide that begins with start-up process. She also includes helpful resources for finding equipment and supplies and a simple and easy to follow business plan (can it get any easier?).
Understanding that many people share the same love of baking - yet may need advice when it comes to business, she provides really helpful information to entrepreneurs.

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