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Cell phone business, Small Business Idea

Nowadays, in this world, technology are life in the daily of people’s lives. If you have passion love in technology, so you will consider learning how to start a cell phone business. This small business is best for gadget and technology lovers, you can explore your ability to become your own boss with this low capital to invest in in start up. You will decide both online or offline store. Operate this business is simple, but you will also need a business license, insurance, inventory, and a good working knowledge of cell phones and the related technology. Build an business plan as your guide in operating. Market of this business is wide open, you will always met potential customer need your good service, you will you’re your success with some hard work and initial capitals and good business plan.
A cell phone business, will not only is the cell phone industry very lucrative, it’s also growing at a swift rate that is predicted to continue for many years. This business idea is best suited for gadget and technology lovers who want build a business but with low capital to invest in a new enterprise. The capital you need as a start up is based on your shop condition, but you can run this business with $500 as your initial capital.
In cell phones business, you will met your customers as individuals, families, and businesspersons who are looking for a new cell phone, or who are looking to upgrade, repair or trade in their existing cell phones, and in some case, used cell phone is needed too. Perhaps, in this business is not you only in your around, your solution to win is provide exceptional products and services at competitive rates.

You can operate this business in a simple way, you will choose to open your business online or as a retail store will make a difference in the way your business operates. If choose to online store, you will spend much of your day focused around your computer and office technology, and you may not require hiring employees, at least not at first. You will have to keep up with your business website, fulfilling orders, and maintaining your site. Retail store will likely mean you’ll be an entrepreneur and an employer. But on the other hand, with a retail store, you will interact with your customers while providing them the same inventory and level of service as you will online. Once you decide, you will in part-time while learning cell phone business and gradually build your operation and portfolio, and your daily you will meeting the needs of the client, securing agreements with suppliers and so on.
Both of offline and online store, to operate this business well, you will need Knowledge of the industry and technology, Business know-how, A business license, Business insurance, A website (if selling online), A retail storefront (if going retail), Office equipment, Inventory, A price schedule, Employees (if desired), and a marketing plan.
From the first step, you will determine what type of cell phone business exactly, that will influence what kind of cell phone you will sell, what trend around you, since this allows them to serve customers and make them satisfy. Educate yourself, that will help full your knowing about different type of cell phone, price, cell phone type and so on. Hire staff if it required, for a professional work, sometimes need a staff to help you run your business, but that depending upon the size of your business.
In cell phone business, you will meet it more than just selling cell phone, you will met selling is a service, customer need understanding a type of cell phone before they decide to buy. So, one key to gain success in this business, you would need to have all the elements in the process of providing a service: knowledge, materials.
In cell phone business you need find a Master Dealer and make contracting with them. Choosing the right Master Dealer can make a very difference on how you operate, and how efficiently you do business. Finding a Master Dealer is usually not an easy task. There are no ready the list of Master Dealers around the country, and for that reason, actually finding the right master dealer can be a pretty challenging for you, your effort and experience will guide you to find what Master Dealer you can choose and you trust.

You can earn high enough money from this business, but the income of a cell phone business depends on local need, competition, skills, and oftentimes, the location. You will want to advertise your business and hire trustworthy employees. You will you’re your success with some hard work and initial capitals, your way to a solid new business will endless potential.
The cellular phone business works in a few ways. You make money by making the following sales to your customers:
1. New 1 or 2 Year Contract Activation (Post Paid Activation)
2. Feature Add (Add-On) or Contract Extension (Upgrade)
3. Prepaid Activation & Prepaid Card Sales
4. Accessory & Hardware Sales

One thing influence your business growing is location. The location you choose must have sufficient drive-by and walk-by traffic. Check your budget, and try to find the best possible location that you can afford. A wholesale business generally does better in locations with lots of growing space, a retail cell phone business should be located in a high traffic area that allows customers easy access to the store. Your shop must be situated in an area conveniently located for your customers. If you use your home as your place of business, it must be in a well-traveled street in an area nearby retail businesses. At the start, you may decide to run your cell phone business from home, with you doing the entire process of providing, selling, delivering and ordering new supplies.
Make customer interest to your store. There are several ways to promote and selling Your car wash service:
1. location of your cell phone shop in right place, so people is easy to fine and come to your cell phone shop
2. Ads in local newspapers, so people easy to know your existing.
3. make some attractive business cards and brochures. Look for potential client opportunities. You can give your simple brochure to your client or potential customer
4. if you have enough capital, make a cheap gift like a pin, or funny sticker, etc. and give it to your customer
5. Place your cell phone business service offer in an online adv. or even you will build your own website and place your important information there.
6. your good service will be a good promotion, when your client get a satisfying they will tell to others.

Customer satisfying will influence your business growing, so give what they want at least information about item they need, make them satisfying with your service, so they will choose you as professional in this business.

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