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Small Business Idea; Catering

Catering business is a very promising business, since the more complexity of people work, cause they have a little time to prepare their daily meals, both for personal and family. Food is no longer just for the needs of the person daily but also for many purposes, including as a form of social bonding. Some people will throw a party, some holding seminars, partially met, the needs of schools, colleges, and many more.
Catering business is a business that prepares food that appeal to prospective customers. You can begin to decide your potential clients, whether you will sell to prospective customers who come to  eat at your place, or you are just serving customers through the reservation within a certain amount. But all the food you offer is conformity with the food laws that apply in your area.

Catering business like any other business, have a customer with specific characteristics. At the beginning, you can decide your potential clients, whether personal or special order in large quantities, or with greater cost you can prepare for the two groups.
For group orders in bulk, you could find a client is a person who is engaging in celebrating the event - weddings, birthdays, graduation, or any other moment. Included also you can prepare for the needs of schools, colleges, corporate meetings, conferences, parties and so on. To get clients who reverse, you can introduce yourself to wedding planners, bridal boutiques, cake decorator and bakery, flower shop, and card and party supply shop keepers that you think could give advice to prospective customers.
Starting a catering business can be done by conducting surveys and decide also by geographic area. You need to consider your market area to a place you build your catering business. What the interests of most communities in the vicinity of your business, could be different to other place you open your business in the downtown with the suburbs. If you open the inter-messaging service, then you also need to specify the extent of areas will you serve, because the too deep areas can cause the cost become more expensive, and cause your catering price be more expensive, however, when you offer to prospective customers, they will think to buy the more cheaper with the same type and quality in near of their homes.

As a beginner in this business, the most important to prepared is a commercial kitchen, but you can do a catering business from home, because the catering business is one kind of business that is easy to run even by the housewife though. You can cook, try new menu, offer to others, and serve the order. The new you need to learn probably is begin to learn about business.

Determine your business clients, whether for public or for specific events only, or whether you will enter the market catering to specific niches of different dishes with other people around you.
Look into the food laws and the businesses in your area, is food you provide including permitted or prohibited.
You need to provide a special space in your home for business needs, (even if you cook elsewhere), a space to store food, important documents, and later you need space for telephone, computer, etc.
Retain all records of your catering activities include invoice sales, etc. Save all documents relating to your business, including permits from the authorities.
Decide whether you will work alone or involving others in your catering business. Consider that you may need an employee if you serve the order. When someday you need to grow the business, then you need to decide to get employees.
Make a list detailing what services you provide. Types of food, type of container used, hot or cold food and price lists for each other.
You need to develop work procedures as a basis for measuring the quality of your business. Highlights include: your product, job stacking system, the type of services you offer, and how to distribute orders to customers and other procedures which can grow so far you run your business.

Make promotions. You can use brochures, flyers, business cards, advertising, sample menus, and more professional if you have a website. Creating your promotional materials based on the costs you will spend, you should adjust to the funds you have. Promotion becomes important in the catering business. There are at least two main purposes of promotion in the catering business, first as a medium to inform services that you provide, second, is to show the image of your catering business, and third as a guarantee to customers that your product is secured. Because all of your potential customers would think to keep their health than just indulge the taste and price of the food they want.

Business place is very influential to the development in the catering business if the choice is to do direct sales to consumers who come. The strategic places mentioned are those with easy access from public roads, easily visible to passers-by, there is not the same type of food around and being in crowded places, exceptions if you present the food with a distinctive taste and there is no other place around, so you will become famous, or you offer an attractive place such as the edge of rivers, lakes or other places to interest the visitors, so they have another reason to come to your place more than just eating.

Although the talent and perseverance can help people become successful business owners, Casella offers 10 tips for anyone who wants to start a catering business:
1. Catering gain employment experience.
Doing business catering is more appropriate if you start with a valuable experience. Launch into one of the maids in the catering business can be a right choice, because you will learn more in detail, and you will realize that this business really demands a lot to do with physical activity.
2. Find a licensed commercial kitchen to rent.
Policies in one country to another could be different. In most countries, you can not offer catering services from your home kitchen. You have to find a licensed catering kitchen in your area, and inquire about renting commercial kitchen space per hour.
3. Setting the price of your catering.
When you decide to enter the catering business, then you also have started thinking for profit. You make the proper calculations to determine the price of every your product. For that reason, count all your expenses even include hours spent on these needs, lest you lose only because any wrong calculation, it is not interesting.
4. Catering equipment rental.
At the early stages, you do not need to buy all the catering equipment, but you can rent equipment, but make sure the equipment you rent guaranteed hygienic and certainly does not drain your pockets. Slowly you begin to prepare your inventory little by little.
5. Getting business insurance.
Like any other business, you should make sure you have insurance. You must have a proper business license and commercial insurance. If you hire employees, you must have workers' compensation insurance for each.
6. Being a caterer is approved.
In some areas, prepare a list of recommended caterers. You need to strive to be one of a list of caterers who have a recommendation. Of course this is based on what you do and you generate
7. Network with event planners and wedding coordinators.
Catering business can be very promising if you can cooperate with event organizer, do not be afraid to give discounts to them, because they could be an effective promotional machine for your catering business grow.
8. Promote yourself as an expert catering.
Promotion became an important field for your business becoming visible. Promotion can be done through off-line media (brochures, flyers, etc) or online media (social websites, own website, etc) or through the promotion of the most phenomenal, viral marketing. If your customers feel satisfied with what they pay, your business will be recommended to others.
9. Join a catering association.
In some areas, there is a catering association. If there association in your area, then join, you will get a lot of profit in it. In addition, you are also believed to be one of the recommended catering business.
10. Stay focused on your catering business.
Catering business is to combine the pleasures of art and earn money. Explor your ability to mix the menu to generate a lot of money, but you must stay focused on the business side, do not be making experimental imposition of new menu that will just spend money and your time. Try to keep a lot to learn from books and internet about the menu and catering business.
10 suggestions above is on what presented by The Rob hard at About.com, with an explanation from us with an additional one point again, that is: always be honest and friendly to customers, one disappointed customer could be a high risk to your business.

When your business is already a grown up, you can begin to think about improving of your income. You might have started thinking of opening branches in other areas, but make sure that you do the same action against the new place. You can also just started making an effort, such as event organizer for a certain party activities, you can offer a complete package of activities from planning, execution and all requirements such as buildings, equipment needed and so on. This is one form of development that benefit the cause began to develop new types of businesses that can fatten your bank account.

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