Senin, 02 Januari 2012

smallbusiness idea; used book selling

On a day when you unload your family's junk that stored in the warehouse, you accidentally find some used books that tempt your attention, but then you throw it back and did not care anymore. The incident may have you experienced, but if you realize that you can money through used books, you probably will not throw the book you found, but instead take care and serve items can make money.
Nowadays, there are many ways you can make money from used books. This is a small business that does not require much capital and skill, but it can generate a lot of money.
The selling of used books is can did in two ways, offline or online. The first step required is find and provide many used books for sale descent. If you choose offline selling, the next step is to build a sales network in your city, in particular by cooperating with the cooperative certain new bookseller. Open your own bookstore. Promotions both offline and online. And if possible give delivery services for customers who make purchases in a certain amount.
If you do not have enough time to do this side business, then you can make sales by online. The steps you have to do is to register at book sales website like or other sales of website like, then follow the prompts.

The good:
Does not require great expense
Does not require special skills
Can be done from home (online)
Can hire employees (part-time)

The bad:
Limited categories of customers
Sales may take a long time to make money
Some book takes care to be lawful sale
Getting the materials are not easy

And finally, you can determine weather online or offline selling, but the most important is how to run your creative idea to generate much money from used books

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