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Cake Decorating: Small Business Idea

If you have a passion for beauty, delicious and creativity, then learning how to start cake decorating shop could be the perfect match for you. Home-based cake decorating can be a lucrative business. Working from home, you can realistically expect to generate high revenue. Once you start a cake decorating business, you can bake and design cakes for a variety of purposes and occasions – including for weddings, graduation ceremonies and special events, or for people who want to give cake as gifts to their partners, family and loved ones.
Recently, cake has turned into an art piece that is set out during the occasion. Cake decorating has been around for a long time, however as equipment and technique has evolved, people are able to decorate their cake to look like anything, now we are able to see people make cakes into anything imaginable.
Your home-based cake decorating business will create for some of the most memorable occasions of people’s lives. The others good of this business are that the start up costs for this potentially lucrative home-based cake decorating business are low compared to many other business ideas. No special education or experience is required for starting a cake decorating business. The Good of this business are : It’s creative, fun, interesting, and personally rewarding, The startup costs are low, You can be your own boss and be able to set your own schedule, No special education or experience is necessary and You can potentially make high revenue by working from home. Therefore not only will you find it fun, interesting and enjoyable—it will also be highly rewarding, be your own boss, and be highly profitable making a special contribution to others lives with this fun business in almost no time.
There are no special education is required to operate this business, but learning through experience can make you will be better by the time. But If you are really beginner in cake decorating, furthermore, there are plenty of courses available that will allow you to gain the necessary skills in a relatively short period of time.
Starting this business you will require a dedicated kitchen that satisfies health requirements, the equipment needed (mixers, bowels, oven etc.) can be purchased relatively cheaply. The starting up equipments you need are : bowls, spatulas, food colors, an oven, cake ingredients, a designated baking area, a business plan, a marketing plan and materials and of course you need licenses and permits
Before you got license for your business from local authority, choose a location for cake decorating shop. Actually, you can run this business from home, and that is not required high cost to start, but more legwork to get the word out and sell products. But for business purpose, you might think to hire a critical space. Retail space is more expensive and the location will be critical. It must be in an existing shopping area with a promising to high selling of your product. But if you decide you as a cake decorating business owner working from home, you will have the freedom and flexibility to work whichever hours you choose—although your schedule will of course depend on how many clients you are taking on at any one time.
First and foremost, as beginner you must learn basic decorating with a tip. A tip is a small metal cone with an embellished opening through which frosting is forced that allows you to make letters or designs. There are many stores where you can purchase your tips and piping bags. All are just a very simple frosting that is easy to make and work with.
When you open your cake decorating shop, you would review your orders and their specifications, prepare your kitchen and start your work morning. In your kitchen you’ll mix and bake cakes, and then put your creative skills to use as you design special cakes based on your customer’s requirements and on the theme of the occasion. In other hand, you can start to make your own themes, you can learn new design trough many resource, you can use book, magazine specialized in cake design, or you can use internet for more comfortable design, however you can copy the style there and try your news based on your own creativity and capability, then show your creation and offer to your customer.
Your business is need to be known well. If you decide yourself as a professional cake decorator, start to place an ads at newspaper, magazine, yellow page and so on, and if your finance is allow, you can advertise on local radio or TV. Build your own website, you can offer your product in, place your offering completely with price and how long time you require to finish an order. In cake decorating business, the customer usually are parents, caterers, event coordinators, or anyone looking to organize a special occasion. Be a good to your customers.
With dedicating, you can run your business well, and maybe in one time next, when your business grow well, you can try to expand your business based on this kind. You might think that there are several kinds of new business you can try, and the one is you can provide bakery as your optional product. You can offer to your customer your cake decorating and the bakery business in another side, so you will able to earn more money. But before you decide to do so, make sure that you can professional in. Never think you can run both business with unprofessional work.

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