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Compost, Small Business Idea

Thinking about small business is not a something hard and dificult. There are many kind we could make an idea to build a smallbusiness, even one of them we can start from our yard. Maybe we never hard thinked how to earn money from plants in our yard. 

So far we knowing, most people begin to think about how save our enviroment now, and for that purpose you can start to do that and earn money at the same time. Making a compost is not a dificult effort, and not require occasion education. We can learn by doing that just with a bit tutorial. This can be an opportunity to expand to be a business. You can try start this business to earn money for yourself, and that is not require a high cost at the start up.

Selling compost can be a profitable and enjoyable business, you can start this business from your back yard, you just need skill and creativity to operate this business, what the most required in this business is just an enough space.

Today, This business idea has been popular in your around with the popularity of environmental friendliness, more and more urban and suburban gardeners are interested in using compost in their organic gardens, and that is an opportunity to earn money.

Before you are realy collecting compost material in your back, you need an enough space for that. Compost has to sit for at least six months in order for all the microbes to be killed by the heat of the heap. If you have some space you can designate for a large compost heap, the compost business may be perfect for you. But before you start, you really need to have a plan for composting business.

A plan for composting business system, will help you decide how much compost you will be able to maintain, the types of containers you will store it in and how you will transport it to your customers. There is also a scientific component to the compost business. Those all are very important to plan before you do your business. 

What kind of items you can make a compost? Those are :
Anything that was once living will compost, but some items are best avoided. Meat, dairy and cooked food can attract vermin and should not be home-composted. 
For best results, use a mixture of types of ingredient. The right balance is something learnt by experience, but a rough guide is to use equal amounts by volume of greens and browns (see below).
Some things, like grass mowings and soft young weeds, rot quickly. They work as 'activators', getting the composting started, but on their own will decay to a smelly mess.
Older and tougher plant material is slower to rot but gives body to the finished compost - and usually makes up the bulk of a compost heap. Woody items decay very slowly; they are best chopped or shredded first, where appropriate.
Make sure your compost is microbe-free and ready for use before packaging. 

There are several activities you will do in compost business. Search and collect items needed to make compost, make a place to produce, and start to make compost. You need to examine it for microbes and when the compost is ready, you will package it to transport.

You can sell your product with two ways, you wait for order or you can provide it in your place. You can sell it from your home or you can retail a critical place, or you can sell your product in mini pack to flower seller, so you need to contact them. But if you can produce your compost in high volume, you can start sell your product to other area of your town, you need transportations for it.

You need promotion to grow you business, for that purpose you can place an ads at newspaper, certain magazine, yellowpage etc, or for local promotion you can use pamflet, flyer etc. If possible, build your own website, introduce your product there and you can offer in.

When your business run well more and more, you can start to expand your business through this product. There are several opportunity to expand your business related to compost. You can start landscaping business service, or provide flowers for landscape. You can combine this business with your compost business in one place. If you choose to landscape business service, you need employee to work to you, 

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