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Antiques Shop; smallbusines idea

An antique goods for some people is so interesting, because it have many history beside it, and probably you are one of them. If you are an interest one to the antiques, so might you want to consider, how to hunt antiques and collect them in your special room, and some time you will feel happy when you show them to your family, close friend or a new friend you have.
If you are one of the interest people to the antiques, you might think to begin an antiques shop. this will be a interesting work for you. First step to work is finding the right location and space for your shop. the right location and place will influence to your business future, because the antiques lover will search your shop out, it’s nice to be in the heart of town or in a side of town, so that they will easy finding your shop. and other alternative for your shop location is in quaint shoping district, so you can lure in currious passersby and then perhap make a transaction with them.
As an antiques shop, you will want to have a nice variety. There are some strategys to save your initial capital in this business. Some shop owner sell their goods on consignment to curb their investment costs, and you can choose this too. To doing this, you can start to offer other people’s antiques goods for sale in your shop, and if it sell, you get a percentage of the revenue. This is a good way to increase your inventory without breaking out your budget.
As a business man, you might to concider how to run your business, you need to decide on your business rules policy- are you items returnable? Is it negotiate prices? Etc. You have to hold those rules before you start to run your business. And before you begin to open your shops door, you have to complete on the business side of things, including license, permits of autority goverment, insurance, bookkeeping and if needed employee payroll.
Like as another shop owner, you need to spend many time in your shop. there are many activities you can do there, including offering your goods, cheking for the inventory, maintaining the atmosphere, bookkeeping the record of selling, and even you need employee working for you, that is to keep the quality of your shop.
As an antiques shop, to fill your shop with it is not easy doing. You might hard hunt untill to the a place never you imagine before. But although not too dificult, you need some strategies to ensure that your shop is not empty of the antiques, make sure that your customers will satisfy. One of the ways is you need to build close comunication among the antiques lover, you can visit to the certain place that offer many antiques, you can offer to the antiques owner to sell their goods in your shop, and the most is you need to joint antiques community, both offline or online, you can joint forum on internet, so you have a wide chance to hunt the antiques you need. And if possible, you can build your own website that offer both selling and buying of antiques, so you can easier to fill and to sell your antiques goods
As a business, you nedd to be known well as an antiques shop, so for that purpose, start to think to creat promotion media. You can use both cheap and expensive promotion. For the cheap, you can use brochure, pamfleth etc. And the more expensive are use website, newspaper, magazine, yellowpage etc, and if choose those second way, you need enough capital.
When your business run well and become more and more, this the right time to make a development. There are many developing business based on this. One of them is, if you have enough money you can make a painting gallery or etnic art gallery. Some time you can make an event of fair, and that will give benefit for your business, not only be more known well, but also make a more wide of customer segment.

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