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Art Gallery; small business idea

For some people, art is about the life. Not a bit of people will spend their many money to get satisfaction from owning an art goods. If you are one of them, you can start to build a gallery of art that show your art collection. And if you want you can begin to have own art gallery, that not invite a satisfaction but only a prestigious business idea, it could make you a quite a bit of money if you position yourself and your art gallery properly.
There are many way to open an art gallery, so it’s important that you have a solid plan as a focus in your efforts. The early step is, you need a initial capital, and that not require to much, just enough to build a gallery art. You must to plan where the right place for your gallery you will located, what type of art you will feature, what price will be, etc. 
As an art gallery, you have two choices of type to run your business, first is if you are an artist for your own gallery, and the second is you are as an art gallery owner only. If you are as an artist, you have a wide chance to exhibitions, and the benefit of this is you can make your name become more known as a professional artist. You can get Both benefit, first become more known well and the second you earn money by selling your art product. If you just as an owner gallery only and not be artist, you can run your business by hunt and fill your gallery with special art that very exciting for most people.
Your day will begin with a check of any pieces that are set to arrive at your gallery. You will need to find places on your walls for new pieces and confirm with the artists that the pieces arrived safely. You will spend a portion of your day contacting artists asking them to showcase their art at your gallery. You will interact with potential clients perusing your exhibits. You will need to meet regularly with any staff you have to make sure they are aware of any new pieces and have them adjust art placement if needed. Finally, you will spend some time looking at your finances to ensure everything is in order.
There are many activities in your day when you run your business, some are begin with checking for your pieces to set right in your show room. You can set what pieces to place at the right place. You will need employee to work to you to make sure everything is run well. You will spend some of your time to contacting the artist asking them to showcase their art at your gallery. You will interact with your potential clients in your exhibits. And you need to check your finance to ensure everything is in your control.
What first to do to run this business is, you need business plan, marketing plan, gallery location, art, proper lighting, staff, computer with finance software, knowledge of the art community and those all are based of love of art.
Your business is need to be known by public. You will need to promotion your business. There are many way to promotion, you can begin with interesting pamphlet, you can use local radio, and the most you need to build website in order your business will known by all over the world. You need to interact with other art lover, that you use internet to do, you can join the art lover community, internet discussion, internet forum etc. so you can have a wide chance to promotion your business
When your business run well along the time, you will thing to develop the another kind of business. You can begin the new business based on this business, one of them is you can make a meeting room, a wide room that set with full of art and accessories that could show an artistic atmosphere. So, you will not only become known as the art business but also as a beautiful meeting room owner, and that is good for your business.

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