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Candy Gram; small business idea

Small business is can began from your hobby or something you like to do in your daily. One of the opportunity to start a small business is candy grams, you can run a candy gram business with a bit of capital and even you can operate from your home.
Candy grams are gifts of candy that are given out with special messages from the sender. You can send someone a candy gram for holidays, and there are no rules about what types of candy to include. From fruity candies, to gummy candies to chocolate bars, give a candy gram that best suits the occasion and the person receiving it. Candy gram enjoys tremendous popularity with the gift buying public. Candy grams are perfect gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, retirements, and holidays. Because candy grams can be personalized with customized messages and a choice of candy, they are viewed as more thoughtful, personal gifts.
Before you run with candy gram business, you need to define your business goals. You can run the business from home and deliver candy grams to recipients yourself. A home business requires less start up money, but more legwork to get the word out and sell products. Retail space is more expensive and the location will be critical. It must be in an existing shopping area with no other candy gram services nearby. Or you can take orders and mail your candy grams. If you lease retail space, choose a location that already attracts shoppers. Display sample candy gram arrangements so that customers can see what they are getting.
The choice is yours but largely depends on the size of your business, your market, and your available startup capital. There are some equipments required in this business, those are ; Various candy bars and boxed candy selections, Gift baskets and containers, Gift cards, Shrink wrap, Ribbons, Transport and/or shipping and packaging supplies etc. Some times you need more equipments based on the kind or size or style of the candy gram you made.
Make some samples and catalog items to show customer with price completely. To be winning in completion in this business, on of the strategy is you make the prince of your candy gram gifts competitively, but don’t forget to account all of cost required including transportation for delivery.
Before you really open your shop door, make sure that you have register your business name with the local business authorities. Apply for a sales tax license. And check  if you plan to work from home.
To be known as a candy gram business service, you need to place ads in newspaper, fliers on bulletin board, hand out business card, brochures, and use direct mail to reach shoppers, and if you have enough budgets, use local radio or TV advertising, particularly just before and during the holiday season when many people require candy gram to give. As an addition to ongoing your advertising campaign, you can offering candy gram for charity, college, high school, sport team fundraisers etc, by offering fund-raising organizations with a discount, you can sell more while your working is less. The another potential market is corporations, some corporations and businesses typically give holiday gifts to their employees When your business become run well and more, you can start to think about another business based on your candy gram business. One of the opportunity to expand your business, you can begin to sell another gifts that exciting to many people, like as Flowers or candy bouquets to your candy gram gifts, Novelty items, Gift baskets, book and novel, art, antiques etc.If you can run your business well with the expanding too, you can start to wide your business area, you can open your business in another area, example in other town but keep in your control.

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